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Trechrome-6 Chemistry

Trebla's E-6 chemistry consistently produces premium transparencies while conforming to the most stringent process control parameters.  The product line is formulated to meet or exceed the processing specifications established by all the major E-6 emulsion manufacturers.

Please review the E-6 Process family of products in Adobe Acrobat format.

Click on this link to review the MSDS product data sheets.

Note:  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat software on your computer, please download a free copy.

MSDS Product Name

Mix Size

Cat Number

First Developer 6 x 10 L 20DE260
Reversal Bath & Replenisher 12 x 5 L 20RV261
Color Developer 3 x 10 L 20DE262
Pre-Bleach 12 x 5 L 20CO263
Bleach 6 x 2 L 20BL264
Fixer 6 x 5 L 20FX265
Final Rinse 12 x 5 L 20ST266
Bleach 5 G 20BL205
Stabilizer 12 x 5 G 20ST225
First Developer 25 G 20DE200
Reversal Bath & Replenisher 100 G 20RV201
Color Developer Part A 25 G 20DE202
Color Developer Part B 25 G 20DE203
Pre-Bleach 25 G 20CO214
Bleach 5 G 20BL205
Fixer 50 G 20FX206
Stabilizer> 320 G 20ST207
Final Rinse 320 G 20ST217
First Developer Starter 6 x 25 G 20DE208
Color Developer Starter 6 x 25 G 20DE209
Bleach Starter 8 x 25 G 20BL210

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